Goddess by idbreakdown is a hand-made NFT πŸ’‹ collection which promotes the idea πŸ₯° of open sexuality and acceptance of kinks πŸ”₯ as normality 😘 Having fetishes and kinks its not something people should be ashamed for, moreover, we should talk about it more, in order to feel confident and powerful πŸ₯°.


Let us tell more about the creators of this project 🎨 ! The idea of creatng of Goddess collection is to show both sexual πŸ”₯ and strong feminine πŸ’ͺ side in the unique and hand-made energetic art using bright colors πŸ’–. Using this opportunity, we also wanted to show the acceptance of personal kinks πŸ˜‹ and promoting openess of desires, which shouldn’t be hidden and shamed by society πŸ‘Œ.

idbreakdown is aprofessional Web DesignerπŸ–₯️ , working on brigning great ideas to life . She has lots of hobbies one of them is digital-art and illustrationπŸ’˜. As wells she develops her image as a proffesional dominatrix πŸ‘  in her free time and by will, keeping her subs safe and motivated πŸ¦„ .
In addition to that, HOLDER OF THE NFT can recieve a 6️ or 12 month SUBSCRIPTION to @idbreakdown ONLYFANS 🎁 account as a gift for supporting her initiative and help to promote the idea.
FrostyDog is crypto enthusiast πŸ’°, software developer πŸ’» and enterpreneur with a long road behind improving himself in different branches of marketing πŸ’‘ , business and many more. He is more that happy to promote the idea of openess ✨ and sexuality πŸ”₯ as this makes human existence incredibly strong and not boring at all.
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